Hello Zappers,

Most of you know me from appointments we’ve had over the years, but I’d like to introduce myself, and also talk about what you can expect to see on this blog.

I’m Jenny, I founded No Regrets Tattoo Removal 10 years ago, with just a Vauxhall Corsa, a Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser and a dream – to provide professional, affordable laser tattoo removal to people in their homes.
In those days we were purely a mobile business, scampering around the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Staffordshire. As we grew over the years in size and reputation we aligned ourselves with a number of studios, finally settling and focusing our work at the excellent Medusa Ink in Great Barr. (I’ll tell you more about these folks and their lovely corner of the universe in future blog posts).

Over the years I have truly grown to love my job, love my customers and love the results that people can get from laser tattoo removal, and providing a safe, non-judgemental environment for it to happen in.

The posts on this blog will aim to provide deeper insights into how laser tattoo removal works, some client journeys, frequently asked questions and some of the charity work we are involved in.

If there is anything specific you would like to see here just drop me a message, and remember to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for regular progress pictures and other interesting stuff!

Later Zappers


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